Midea P12 Flex Cordless 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner 450W


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Make house work easy with this ultra powerful P12 450W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum features the following;

Ultra Powerful Suction
P12 Flex is Midea’s highest power stick vacuum yet. The Cyclone Brushless Inverter motor generates a huge 450W of suction output, as well as 25Kpa of vacuum pressure. The P12 makes cleaning household dust, fur and household build-up easy to clean!
Advanced Battery Technology
Using a 2500mAh battery, this unit now lasts 70 minutes on high-power suction with zero fading. This battery can be detached and swapped – so you will never need to worry about running flat mid-clean.
Versatile and Innovative
A bendable vacuum arm means no more bending down to clean under furniture. With Midea’s PowerBrush technology is efficiently designed for better cleaning performance, as well as the Motorised PowerBrush head being ideal for precision cleaning in delicate areas. Additional heads are also used for upholstery and crevices which solves the problem of cleaning tight corners.
And if you need a break … the Easy Rest feature allows you to safely lean the vacuum against any surface.
Precision Six-Phase Air Filtration
The six-phase air filtration ensures the dispersion of clean air and the elimination of harmful allergens. Making this possible is the use of Ag+ Silver Ion antibacterial sterilisation, HEPA 0.3-micron micro dust filter, a Polymer filter, a Microporous metal filter, Cyclonic compaction and a Single cyclone compression filtration system.
Low Maintenance
With a single click empty button, you never have to get your hands dirty to keep the house clean. All filters are high quality and easily cleaned to keep the optimal cleaning efficiency for many years.
With your convenience in mind, the Flexi-arm, High-quality wheel runners, LED headlights, multi surface tools and precision cleaning tools, make your household cleaning a breeze. Make cleaning easy with the P12 450W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.


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