Terms and Conditions


Flo2Cash is a company which provides payment processing services and are authorized by the Merchant to undertake and administer direct debits on its behalf. Customer means the person or organization named as such on the Direct Debit Authority Form. Merchant means a person or business, or any entity mentioned in the Direct Debit Authority Form using the services of Flo2Cash.

Direct Debit Authority
(a) Customers who wish to make payments by direct debit must complete and sign the Direct Debit Authority Form and agree to be bound by its Terms and Conditions.

(b) The Customer authorises Flo2Cash to make periodic debits from the Customer’s nominated credit card and/or bank account for the amounts and at the frequency outlined in this Direct Debit Authority and as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the Merchant.

(a) The Customer authorises the Merchant to vary the amount, frequency and date of payments fromtime to time and authorises Flo2Cash to vary the payments upon instructions from the Merchant subject to the requirements for notice contained in the Direct Debit Authority.

(b) The Customer must direct any request for a variation to the direct debit arrangement to theMerchant. Flo2Cash will NOT act upon instructions directly from a Customer.

Liability of Flo2Cash
(a) The Customer acknowledges that Flo2Cash is acting as a direct debit processing agent for the Merchant. Flo2Cash is NOT the provider of any goods and services to the customer (and therefore there is no tax invoices to the Customer) and Flo2Cash has no express or implied liability in relation to
any goods or services provided by the Merchant. (b) Flo2Cash will not be responsible for any delay that may occur in the processing of a direct debit if:

(I) There is a public holiday on the day or on the day after a payment is due to be made by direct debit;

(ii) A payment is received either on a day which is not a business day or after the normal close of business on a business day;

(iii) Flo2Cash does not receive the Direct Debit Authority Form in sufficient time to process the direct debit. Or

(iv) The Direct Debit Authority is not duly completed.

(c) Flo2Cash does not give any express or implied warranty that any direct debit service it provides will be continuous or fault free. Flo2Cash will not be liable for any failure or delay in any payment due to any cause beyond its reasonable control. In no circumstances will Flo2Cash be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

Customers Responsibilities to Flo2Cash
(a) The customer is responsible for notifying Flo2Cash of any changes in the nominated account.

(b) The customer is responsible for informing Flo2Cash of changes to contact details.

(c) The customer is responsible for ensuring that sufficient funds in the nominated account to meet any direct debit.

d) The customer will be liable and charged a fee for each failed direct debit and is in addition liable any and all fees or expenses charged by the customer’s bank or financial institution.

(e) The customer authorises Flo2Cash, in conjunction with the Merchant, to re-debit their account as appropriate in an attempt to recover outstanding payments.

(f) The customer agrees that in there is repeated rejection of the debit, the full outstanding amount together with any rejection fees will become due and payable immediately and the customer will be liable and agrees to pay all expenses, costs and disbursement incurred in recovering the outstanding
monies, including and any collection fees charged by our collection agency Credit Watch International Limited and or its Solicitors. The customer further agrees to pay all legal and court costs incurred by the Merchant or its agents in recovering any outstanding monies.

(g) If the Merchant authorises, the Customer may be liable to pay a transaction fee for each direct debit & set up fee.

(h) The Customer shall provide not less than seven days’ notice in wri ting to the Merchant and Flo2Cash if the Customer wants to cancel this direct debit arrangement. Flo2Cash shall be entitled to direct debit any payments due for a period of seven days following receipt of such notice and shall thereafter cancel the direct debit arrangement.

The cancellation of any direct debit arrangement with Flo2Cash will not affect or terminate any contract or agreement or other obligation the Customer may have with the Merchant.

(i) Any dispute regarding any direct debit payment should be directed to the Merchant in the first instance.

Customer Authorises the following:
(a) Flo2Cash to verify the details of the nominated account with the Customer’s bank or financial institution and make such enquiries regarding the Customer’s credit worthiness as Flo2Cash shall think fit.

(b) The Customer’s bank or financial institution to release information to Flo2Cash to verify the details of the nominated account and authorises any other party to provide to Flo2Cash such information regarding the Customer’s credit worthiness as Flo2Cash may deem fit and proper.

(c) Flo2Cash to notify any debt collection/credit reporting agency of any default by the Customer with regard to any obligation under these Terms and Conditions.

(d) Flo2Cash to retain personal information regarding the Customer for the purpose of this direct debit arrangement and authorises Flo2Cash and its related entities to use such personal information for the purposes of marketing products, services and special offers relating to the provision of direct debit services and other related financial products and services.

The Customer has the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to obtain access to and request correction of any personal information concerning the Customer held by Flo2Cash.

(a) Flo2Cash may vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time by posting any changes on Flo2Cash’s website: www.flocash.co.nz. Any variations to these Terms and Conditions will be effective 14 days after posting on Flo2Cash’s website.

(b) Flo2Cash may terminate this Direct Debit arrangement and cease to provide its direct debit servicesto the Customer at any time by written notice.

(c) Flo2Cash may communicate with the Cu stomer by phone ( automated phone
messaging) or in writing. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions writing shall include txt or SMS messaging, email or mail)

This service agreement is governed by the laws of New Zealand


1. The Initiator:

a) Has agreed to give advance notice of the net amount of each Direct Debit and the due date of debiting at least ten calendar days (but not more than 2 calendar months) before the date when the Direct Debit will be initiated. This advance notice must be provided in writing including by electronic means and SMS where the Customer has provided prior written consent (including by electronic means including SMS) to communicate electronically.

The advance notice will include the following message:

“Unless advice to the contrary is received from you by (date*), the amount of $……….. will be directly debited to your account on (initiating date*).”

*This date will be at least ten (10) days prior to the initiating date to allow for amendment of Direct Debits.

This notice will be provided in writing (including by electronic means and SMS where the Customer has provided prior written consent (including by electronic means including SMS) to communicate electronically). If the bank dishonors a direct debit the initiator may send the direct debit again within 6 business days of the dishonor and is not required to give you a second notice of the amount and date of the direct debit.

(b) May, upon the relationship which gave rise to this authority being terminated, give notice to the Bank that no further Direct Debits are to be initiated under the authority. Upon receipt of such notice the

Bank may terminate this authority as to future payments by notice in writing to me/us.

(c) May, upon receiving written notice (dated after the date of this authority) from a bank to which I/we have transferred my/our bank account, initiate Direct Debits in reliance of that written notice and this authority from the account identified in the written notice.

(d) May, upon receiving notice amend the amount and/or the date and/or frequency of the direct debit.

2. The Customer may:

(a) At any time, terminate this authority as to future payments by giving written notice of termination to the Bank and to the Initiator.

(b) Stop payment of any Direct Debit to be initiated under this authority by the Initiator by giving written notice to the Bank prior to the Direct Debit being paid by the Bank.

(c) Request the Bank to reverse any Direct Debits initiated by the Initiator under the authority by debiting the amount of the Direct Debits back to the Initiator through the Initiator’s Bank where the Initiator cannot produce a copy of the authority and/or confirmation to me/us that I/we are reasonably satisfied demonstrate that I/we have authorised my/our bank to accept Direct Debits from the Initiator against my/our account PROVIDED the request is made not more than 9 months from the date when the first Direct Debit was debited to my/our account by the Initiator under the authority.

3. The Customer acknowledges that:

(a) This authority will remain in full force and effect in respect of all Direct Debits passed to my/our account in good faith notwithstanding my/our death, bankruptcy or other revocation of this Instruction until actual notice of such event is received by the Bank.

(b) In any event this authority is subject to any arrangement now or hereafter existing between me/us and the Bank in relation to my/our account.

(c) Any dispute as to the correctness or validity of an amount debited to my/our account shall not be the concern of the Bank except in so far as the Direct Debit has not been paid in accordance with this authority.

Any other dispute lies between me/us and the Initiator.

(d) Where the Bank has used reasonable care and skill in acting in accordance with this authority, the Bank accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of: the accuracy of information about Direct Debits on Bank statements; and any variations between notices given by the Initiator and the amounts of Direct Debits.

(e) The Bank is not responsible for, or under any liability in respect of the Initiator’s failure to give notice in accordance with clause 1(a), nor for the non-receipt or late receipt of notice by me/us for any reason whatsoever. In any such situation the dispute lies between me/us and the Initiator.

4. The Bank may:

(a) In its absolute discretion conclusively determine the order of priority of payment by it of any monies pursuant to this or any other authority, cheque or draft properly signed by me/us and given to or drawn on the Bank.

(b) At any time terminate this authority as to future payments by notice in writing to me/us. (c) Charge its current fees for this service in force from time to time. Specific conditions relating to notices and disputes

1. I may ask my bank to reverse a direct debit up to 120 calendar days after the debit if: I don’t receive a written notice of the amount and date of each direct debit from the initiator, I receive a written notice but the amount or the date of debiting is different from the amount or the date specified on the notice.

2. The initiator is required to give you a written notice of the amount and date of each direct debit no less than 2 business days before the date of the debit. For a series of direct debits the initiator is required to give a written notice of the amount and date of each direct debit no less than 10 calendar days before the date of the first direct debit in the series, or before any change to the amount and date previously advised. The notice is to include the dates of the debits, and the amount of each direct debit.

3.If the bank dishonors a direct debit but the initiator sends the direct debit again within 5 business days of the dishonor, the initiator is not required to give you a second notice of the amount and date of the direct debit.

4. If the initiator proposes to change an amount or date of a direct debit specified in the notice, the initiator is required to give you notice: no less than 30 calendar days before the change, or if the initiator’s bank agrees, no less than 10 calendar days before the change


1.1Catalogue ‐ Means the catalogue of which these Sales Terms form part.
1.2Completion Date ‐ This will be set at the time you agree to purchase a Product or Products from us and will be a date that corresponds with when your final payment has been received by us.
1.3 Delivery Charge –Cost of delivery charged by Doorshop Nz Limited
1.4 Products ‐ Means the products listed for sale in our Advertising we choose to use(Website or flyers or facebook etc)
1.5 Purchase Price ‐ This is the total value of a Product or Products you have ordered and we have agreed to supply to you as stated on the invoice), plus administrative fees .
1.5 Sales Terms ‐ Means these terms and conditions of sale
1.6 We, our and us – Doorshop Nz Limited

2 Information about You

2.1 The information we hold about you in our database must be accurate at all times. You must call our office to let us know of any changes
2.2 We will not be liable (legally or otherwise) for any communications, deliveries or other matters that have been addressed to you but which have not reached you because you have not updated your current details with us.
2.3 The information we hold about you may be kept for an indefinite period.
2.4 You have rights under the Privacy Act 1993 to access and ask for the correction of any personal information which we hold about you.

3 Contract

3.1 These Sales Terms constitute the contract between us and you for the sale and purchase of Products through our website or flyers or any other advertising Doorshop Nz Limited may use , Your account with Doorshop Nz Limited is for YOUR USE ONLY, no third party may use YOUR account without priorauthorisation agreed by Doorshop Nz Limited and the account holder . Your use
of a product is also subject to any additional terms and conditions which apply specifically to that Product.
3.2 We shall sell and you shall purchase the products in accordance with these sales terms only, if you disagree with any of these sales terms you should not purchase products from our website or flyers etc. By proceeding to purchase products you represent and acknowledge that you are aware of, and agree to, these sales terms.

4 Orders

4.1 You must order the products in accordance with the instructions in our wesite or flyers. Your order is not binding upon us until we accept it and we will not be liable to any person we decline . Should we not accept your order then any money already paid for the order will be refunded in full.
4.2 The purchase price for the products will be the price quoted in our website or flyers or advertising we may use and confirmed by us at the time we accept your order. Product purchase price subject to change by correspondence (phone or letter or email).

5 Delivery

5.1 We will try to have the Products you have purchased delivered to your residential address within 14 working days of your payments being made or the date on which you pay the Purchase Price in full, whichever is the earlier. Any time stated for delivery is an estimate only. We will not be liable for any delay in delivery, and you will not be entitled to cancel any order based on a delay.
5.2 If a delivery is returned to us and we are unable to contact you because the information we hold about you in our database is out of date, or you are not available, we will hold the products you have purchased until we can make contact with you to confirm your current delivery address. A storage fee WILL apply
5.3 You must ensure someone is present to accept delivery of the Products during the delivery Hence,
5.4 Deliveries will be made by a signature required courier or a staff member of Premodealz.
5.5 We will not be liable for any products missing or damaged after they have been delivered to the address on Doorshop Nz Limited records.
5.6 To the extent permitted by law, you may not cancel the contract you have with us to purchase that Product after 5 working days

6 Payment terms in general

6.1 Direct Debit is our method of payment, unless you are making a purchase for the full amount of the purchase price as below.
6.2 Products may be purchased for the full retail price if payment is in cash.
6.3 All payments in relation to Products are payable in New Zealand dollars.
6.4 If a Payment(s) are missed, your delivery will be delayed from the terms of the contract held with “Doorshop Nz Limited”


7.1 We will not be liable for any bank fees including dishonour fees you have been charged by your bank.
7.2 We reserve the right to charge you an administrative fee for
(a) Missed payment fees of $10
(b) Cancellation fee of $50, outside of 5 days from sign up
(c) Non Refundable Establishment fee at time of opening account $80.
(e) Field visit fee of $30
(f) Cancellation fee of $90 At time of cancellation, if outside 14 working days
(g) Repossession fee of $120 should repossession of the goods be necessary.
(h) Delivery fee within Wellington $30, outside of Wellington $60
(i) DD authority stopped or cancelled $30

8 Cancellations:

Cancelling the account /contract with us anytime before getting the goods/product we will charge the reasonable cancellation fee of $80 Account Establishment fee, The remaining amount will be refunded into the bank account we have on file for your account.

Product Guarantee

9.1 We will honour all of our responsibilities under the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act and all other relevant legislation that protects you as our customer. All other warranties and representations, whether express or implied, in relation to the products are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.
9.2 All other warranties and representations whether express or implied, in relation to the product/s are excluded to the maximum extent of the law.

10 General

10.1 Under no circumstances shall we, our related companies, agents, suppliers or licensors be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages, directly or indirectly resulting from or in relation to the
Products or your use of them. This limitation applies whether the alleged liability is based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or any other basis, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damage, To the extent that any
applicable law does not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, our liability in such circumstances shall be limited to the extent permitted by such law.

10.2 You acknowledge that you are 18 years or over and have the full legal capacity to agree to enter these Sales Terms as a binding contract. 10.3 These Sales Terms will be governed by and construed in accordance with
the law of New Zealand and the parties unconditionally and irrevocably submit to the Exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts. 10.4 If we exercise or fail to exercise any right or remedy available to us, this
shall not prejudice our rights in exercising that or any other right or remedy. 10.5 If any provision of these Sales Terms is held by any competent authority to
be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, validity of the other provisions ofthese Sales Terms and the remainder of the provisions in question shall not be
10.6 Title to the Products you have purchased will pass to you when they have been paid for in full.

11 ComplaintsProcess

FSCL Member 7422
12.1 If you want to make a complaint or have a problem understanding something we’ve done, please let us know, so we can address the problem. We’re here to make shopping simple, so if you think we’ve failed in any way, you can trust that
all our people will be committed to resolving the issue. a)Your best first call is to talk to our friendly staff on 0800267676 If you’re still not 100% satisfied, please contact our Customer Care and Complaints Team On doorshopnz@gmail.com they’ll take up your concerns.
c) If even this does not address your complaint fully, your next step is Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL), the external dispute resolution scheme for our industry. This independent body is approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Complaints to FSCL need to meet certain criteria. Phone 0800‐347‐257.

12 Advertised Items:

If an advertised item is no longer available, Doorshop Nz limited will endeavour to supply an item equal to , or of higher specifications.

13 Refund:

Refund will be done within 5 working days of the period once we got informed by you and made decision to refund your money. Refund will be made into bank account number held for your account.

14 Debt collection fee:

If no payment is received within (40)forty days of the first non‐payment where the company has had no contact from you with reasonable explanation ,your account will be transferred to a collector.you will be charged a
debt collector fee of $25.00 .

15 Repossesion of the goods:

A Pre‐possession notice will be issued if no payments have been received in a 40 Day Period, if no payments are received within a further 21 Days, a Repossession order will be issued. Once goods have been Repossessed , you will have 21 days to bring your account up to date or the goods will be sold (to the market value at the time) , any outstanding balance after the sale of the goods will be the responsibility of the account holder to settle.

16 Contact:

All forms of contact with the customer ’you’ will be by phone, text ,email, mail form. Customer must advise us of Change of address and contact details by contacting us via phone(0800267676),email ,sms, Within 48 hours of any change of
address or other details.

17 Age policy:

Door Shop Limited has a policy of not providing a credit account to anyone under the age of 18 years old.

18 Interest:

There will be no interest charged on the credit provided to you.

19 Early Repayment:

We don’t charge any fee if you wish to pay the outstanding balance owing on your contract early.


You have a short time legal right to cancel this agreement. You can do this by completing and giving to Doorshop Nz Limited , before the end of period 5 days working days, beginning on the day after the day on which you signed the agreement, the notice of cancellation handed to you on that day. You can give the notice by posting it in a prepaid letter, or by delivering it to the above named vendor. If you cancel this contract any money you have already paid must be refunded to you


TO :Doorshop Nz Limited 234 Naenae Rd Naenae, lower hutt, wellington

I ___________________________________________________________(Customer Name) hereby cancel this agreement made by me on the _______day of_______________20__________ to purchase____________________________________________________(description of goods) and require you to repay any money paid by me under or with respect to the agreement.

I agree to return you all goods to me by you pursuant to the agreement, in the same condition that they were purchased.

Signed: _________________________________________________ Date: _______/_______/20_______ Customer Address : ________________________________________________________________



(Contact details subject to change)


17. Delivery of goods

Delivery will be done once FULL DEPOSIT has been paid and be sent signature required courier to the customer or delivered by one of our staff face to face, in both situations customer is liable to pay delivery fee (see the delivery fee in default fees column).

After that customer is fully liable for the care/condition of provided goods by us.

Delivery may take up to 14 working days from the time the FULL DEPOSIT has been paid .

18. Manufacturer’s guarantee

18.1. We shall not be liable for any failure of any guarantee made by a manufacturer of goods other than as stated on the packaging.

19. Privacy

You authorise us to disclose personal information about you to your employer, credit reporting and debt collection agencies in the event of any default in any sum owing to us,and also to any third party making an authorised enquiry about you. You understand that we are asking you for personal information so that we are able to credit check you, if necessary and verify your employment with your employer. You understand that the credit reporting service will provide information about you and they may hold that information on their systems and use it to provide their credit reporting service. By completing an application, you agree:

(a) we may disclose information held about you to other credit providers, credit reference agencies and any other party that is authorised by you from time to time, with a privacy waiver signed by the customer.

(b) we may obtain. use and disclose any and all your information for the purposes set out above and you further authorise the release to us of any Information held by credit reference agencies and credit providers for the purposes set out above, with a privacy waiver signed by the customer.

We may use a credit reference agency in the future for purposes related to the provision of credit to you. You authorise us to give our credit reference agency information about any default in your payment obligations; We may contact any Government Departments ,for the purposes of seeking information about me/us in the course of taking lawful recovery action for debt/goods supplied. Where the personal information may readily be retrieved, I/We shall have the access to it together with the right to request correction to information stored and the right to be notified of action taken in response to any such request, subject only to the payment of reasonable fees if requested by us.

20. Correspondence with description

20.1. You must ensure before taking possession of any goods that the description or sample, correspond with those exposed for sale or with the sample or demonstration model, and shall inform us immediately of any non‐compliance within 5 working days.

20.2. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, it is not a condition of this agreement or any order for goods that the goods and services will correspond precisely with such dimensions and specifications and customary tolerances or in the absence of customary tolerances,reasonable tolerances shall be allowed.

21. Notice

We shall accept service of notice at the address specified in the Credit Application. You agree to accept notice by way of personal delivery, letter, email or facsimile at the addresses supplied by you in the Credit Application. Any notice sent by personal service shall be effective immediately by delivery to the address specified in the Application for Revolving Credit. Any notice sent by letter shall be deemed to be delivered by posting to the address specified in the Application for Revolving Credit. Any notice sent by email shall be affected immediately upon delivery to the server providing your email service.

Any notice sent by facsimile shall be effected immediately upon transmission to the number specified in the credit Application.

(a) Doorshop Nz Limited accepts all forms of electronic communication for credit applications , sales invoices, correspondence, terms and conditions, credit contract disclosures, revolving credit applications, and any banking forms as required by Doorshop Nz Limited

(b) All forms of electronic communication will be deemed as final only when a electronic confirmation has been sent to the consumer of Doorshop Nz Limited.

(c) Doorshop Nz Limited New Sign up applications will only be deemed confirmed if contact is made by a representative of Doorshop Nz Limited by phone or electronic communication.

22. Sales invoices:

Sales invoices will be final, after the first sales invoice , any subsequent sales invoice will include a variation disclosure

23. Passing of risk and title

23.1 . The Goods will be at your risk immediately on delivery. We suggest you insure the goods at full replacement value until legal and beneficial ownership of them has passed to you. If the goods are damaged or destroyed before legal and beneficial ownership of them has passed to you. you will hold the proceeds of such insurance in a separate fund and on trust for us.23.2. Legal and full ownership of the goods will remain with us until payment made in full:

(a) for the goods; and

(b) for all other amounts owing by you to us.

23.3. Until legal and beneficial ownership of the goods has passed to you, you will store the Goods at the address supplied on the revolving credit application (or any new address you may move to) supplied by you..make or are likely to make an arrangement with your creditors, have a liquidator (provisional or otherwise) appointed or are placed under statutory or official management.


NAME:__________________________________________DATE: /______ /___________



We are required to provide you with this disclosure statement under section 17 of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003. This statement and the Conditions set out below contain the key information about your Revolving Credit. Please Take time to read this thoroughly. If you do not understand them, you should seek independent advice. You should keep a copy of this document in a safe place for your future reference. Your account is issued to you on the terms & conditions “Conditions”) set out below. When you signed the application for credit you are deemed to have accepted these terms & Conditions presented.

Name and Address of Creditor

Doorshop Nz limited 234 Naenae road ,Naenae ,Lower Hutt ,Lower Hutt , Wellington

Establishment fee

Upon opening a credit account with Doorshop Nz Limited, An $80.00 Establishment fee will apply to open an account with Doorshop Nz Limited

Initial Unpaid Balance

Your initial unpaid balance will be the total of your purchases made As at the date of the original contract, or nil if you have not made any Purchases.

Variation Disclosure

Following successful payment history on your initial contract any future sales will be evidence by a variation Disclosure document as set out in your new invoice.

Default Fees

In the event of a default or enforcement of your account, default fees are payable. These fees can be varied. Default Fees payable upon each separate event of default including default administration services and the issuing of default notices in relation to collection activities and the age of the default:





1. Agreement

1.1. Doorshop Nz Limited agrees to offer you credit for the purposes of purchasing goods from us. You agree to buy the goods on the terms and conditions contained herein and at the price advised by us at the time of purchase.

1.2. You have requested that we offer you a revolving credit service. We have agreed to offer You credit up to the Credit Limit set by the company. We may reduce the amount of the Credit Limit at any time and will advise you in writing when we do so.

2. Your Account

2.1. All purchases, fees, interest charges, payments and credits will be transacted through your Credit Account.

3. Use of Account

3.1. You must not let any other person use your account, and you will be personally liable for any credit obtained by any other person who does use it, providing the correct identification has been sighted by our representative.

4. Payments

4.1. You are required to make your minimum weekly payments for the outstanding balance on your account . The payment due date will be specified on your revolving credit application.

5. Time and manner of payment

5.1. The time of payment for goods is stated in the Application for Revolving Credit & any continuing disclosure which may be required.

5.2. All payments must be made by Direct Debit/Automatic payment at the companies discretion unless you are paying the outstanding balance in full.

6. Credit Limit

6.1. Your Doorshop Nz Limited Account allows you to obtain credit up to your Credit Limit. The Credit Limit is the maximum amount of credit including all fees and interest charges which you may obtain. You must ensure your Credit Account balance does not exceed the Credit Limit. You must immediately pay to us the amount by which the Credit Limit is exceeded, unless approved by management.

7. Change of Address

7.1. You must notify us of any change to your address. If you move and do not advise us of a change of address then you will be deemed to have received any statement or other notices we send to you at the address you last advised us as if you had not changed address.

8. Time and manner of delivery

8.1. We arrange the delivery of your goods to your residential address within 14 working days of the full deposit being paid. Any timeframe for delivery is an estimate only and we will not be liable for any delay in delivery . You shall not be entitled to cancel any purchase as a result of delayed delivery.

8.2. Where you are not home to accept delivery we may at our discretion either retain the goods at our offices for your collection or we will deliver via signature required courier.

9. Delivery of goods to carrier

9.1. If you do decide to cancel your order with Doorshop Nz Limited after it has been delivered, this may only be done at the companies discretion.

10. Place of delivery

10.1. Where the Application for Revolving Credit specifies your address delivery shall be made to that address, And the goods purchased must remain at the address we have on our system for you, you must advise us if the address changes.

11. Fitness for purpose

11.1. You must satisfy yourself that the goods ordered/purchased are fit and suitable for the purpose for which they are required. We make no warranties or representation and expressly negates any implied or expressed condition that the goods will be suitable for a particular purpose or use for which you may use them. You accept all risk and responsibility for consequences arising from the use of any goods purchased from us.

12. Unacceptable quality

12.1. In the event that you have no opportunity to inspect any goods, then you will within two working days of the delivery of the goods to you, notify us of the unacceptable quality.

13. Return of the goods

13.1. We shall at our option accept return of the goods to us within 5 working days from the time of delivery , provided they are in the same condition they were delivered, including packaging and any accessories.

14. Termination

14.1 . If you no longer wish to use your account, you must contact us in writing to; Doorshop Nz Limited 234 Naenae Rd, Naenae , Lower Hutt, Wellington .We may cancel your right to use your account at any time, without reason or prior notice.

15. Consumer

15.1. We give no warranty express or implied as to the quality, description or fitness for any particular purpose of the Goods.

15.2. Where applicable, manufacturer’s warranties will attach to the Goods.

15.3. Where the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 applies you shall have all the rights and remedies provided under this Act but no others.

16. Notice of defects

16.1. You must have regard to the nature of the goods, and the price, and consider any statements on the packaging or labels or by the manufacturer on the goods, or by us at the time of purchase, and any specific defects of the goods drawn to attention whether by written notice on display or otherwise.