Door Shop Home Account

Purchase all of your household essentials today and pay them off with low weekly payments with a Door Shop Home Account.

It is easy to apply! For successful applicants that open a Door Shop Home Account with us, we just require one payment as bank validation before we can courier your products to you.

Credit Limits

A Door Shop Account starts with a credit limit of $400. For our platinum customers, the credit limit may be increased up to $3000 (subject to responsible lending checks). See our loyalty scheme for further details.

Pay weekly
Spend up to

1. Open an account

Apply for a DoorShop Home Account here.

2. Complete order

Add your chosen products to your cart, choose your payment plan and start date and confirm your order.

3. Confirm payment plan

Once your account is approved you will be charged a one-off non-refundable account establishment fee of $30.00, you will also receive confirmation of products ordered and your payment schedule via email.

4. Order shipped

Goods are shipped once we have received all the documents from your end and your application for our Door Shop Home Account approved .

5. Shop again

Order products online, confirm your payment plan and start date. Your order is shipped.


If approved your Door Shop Home Account will provide you a credit facility that you can use to purchase items from our online store and up to your credit limit. The Door Shop Home Account credit facility can only be used with Door shop Private limited.

Applying for an account has never been easier! All you need to complete an application is:

Valid Identification (Drivers Licence, NZ Passport)
Your bank account number
Contact Details: your physical address, personal and contact phone numbers and email address.
18 years or older – A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident living in New Zealand
Confirmation of your income and expenses and any documents we may request to evidence these.

If you have previously had an account with us, then you will still be in our system for 8 years since your last payment. We can update most of your details and start your payments again over the phone so that you can purchase again straight away. However, you will also be required to fill in our renew account form so that we have everything we need. Typically, the weekly amounts are so small, that most people choose to leave them in place to build up a credit to be able to purchase larger items such as TVs and Home Theatre systems.*

A Door Shop Home Account starts with a credit limit of $400.00 and up to $3000.00 for our Platinum customers. Credit limit increases are subject to our credit criteria including Responsible Lending checks. 

We aim to process all account submissions as soon as possible and within 5 working days.

There is NO interest charged on your DSH Account.

Yes, you can and good on you!

If you would like to pay off your account early. You can pay off as much as you like whenever you like. There is no early repayment fee.

You can also make manual payments into our bank account as a lump sum. Please call 0800267676 for our bank account number.

We are completely interest-free.

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